Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weather or Not, I'll Sharpen the Saws

 Weird weather continues to wind it's way into where I live.

Now, it's back up to sixty after dipping back down to the tens, the wind has knocked lightpoles in parking lots down onto cars, and ripped pine trees out by the roots...

Looks like I'll have to get the chainsaw de-winterized  earlier than I planned

I'm getting back into Japanese saw sharpening. I've taken a break in the last year from this, and many things besides, such as last year's spring track. 

But you can only see where you were after walking away..

. Getting out of the echo chamber I found myself in lets me gain a new perspective on woodworking, Japanese tools, and myself. 

One big improvement is getting on migraine medicine which is making life a whole lot more manageable.  Also dropped right about fifty pounds. 

A perspective I gained in my walk-away is, I need to respect tools. And I'll explain what I think that means: The people I respect the most I am the most honest with, we laugh, joke around, have honest conversations with. We can push and shove each other, talk smack about one another, because we know we have mutual respect with one another. 

That is not how I respected my tools.

When I previously 'respected' my tools, I put them on a pedestal. I was too afraid to accidentally damage one of them, so I didn't do anything but tap meekly on my kanna blade.

I have three saws out of frame in that picture: my big resawer, and two ryobas about 240mm. One of which is that failed experiment in chubby teeth.

 I think I'm going to try making some medium rip tooth and crosscut-  I have a lot of rough rips, and rough crosscuts, and extra fine crosscuts, but none in the middle of the way.

Maybe if I feel really brave I'll try a madonoko! 

In other news...Last weekend, I went to the Rochester Makerspace's open house with my godfather, and ended up loving it. Big, co-op warehouse workshop with woodshop and machine shop? $40 membership for the whole family?
And it's heated! No more blue fingers trying to get something done!


  1. That is something I think about all the time, not keeping the tools up on a pedestal. That's also the reason I've never bought a fine expensive saw. Great thoughts Steven! If you ever feel like posting again I'd love to see it.

    I'm bidding at auction on a complete set of metate hammers and a bunch of yasuri, whish me luck!

    1. every now and then I think "Oh wow, I've really neglected that blog." Funny I'm at college for essentially woodworking and I feel I've done little of it... Feels like I'm in a strange half-awake state, in a strange place. Maybe I'll just post a tl;dr of recent events