Friday, March 3, 2017

DIY Torification- Stabilizing Spalted Maple

This howling weather means lots of naps inside!

So if you've been following me on Instagram, (, you'll know I've been carving items for the kitchen from green/fresher wood. This is partly to provide cheap, impulse buys at potential markets, but it is also a great way to learn more about wood grain and knife skills.

I also use a lot of spalted maple I harvest myself. This platter was roughed out three years ago and has been drying since, but I found this little grub in it: 
Phone throwing me some shade when trying to get a clear photo of it T_T

Here's a clear photo of the worm holes

The grub appeared to be dead, and I tore it out; then filled the holes with superglue along with any other potential holes and cracks. 

Now, let's make sure this board doesn't have anything else hiding in it: 
I tore through my fresh wood supplies looking for any evidence of grubs, couldn't find any, so I decided to leave them out to freeze overnight. The next morning, I lit a small fire, placing the pieces around it:

High heat should kill off any elements of decay that may have survived the frost. I covered the coals and let it bake overnight.

Inside, I drew a quick sketch of the next project, while taking the nebulizer. 

Also this month, got this nice design sketched out and cut it out on the scroll saw. This pattern is free to any takers! 

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