Thursday, March 2, 2017

Abstract Owl, Pt. 2

 One of the best features of New York State is just how many parks we have. This was at Black Creek ski and horse trails, only a short drive (ten minutes or so), or a medium bike ride away. It's pretty big, mostly new growth, with plenty of evidence of past life:

I've been slowing down with bad asthma the past month, but a course of pridnisone has me back on my feet and running again. So here's what's new with the owl box: 

Copper pulls for the drawers were hammered out of old copper pipe, shaped, 'nailed' in, then attached with superglue. 

I polished them using a dremel, so they're nice and shiny- I think the red glow compliments the wood nicely, but I wonder how the greenery of age will affect the piece? 

A back panel was fitted into the top using lap joints. One of these days I should make or gain some planes, but I think that'll wait until after the roaming days of college and job-hunting are over. You can do a lot with a marking gauge to set the limits, running it deep into the wood, then carefully sawing and chiseling out the waste: 

Why did it take me so long to start doing this? Painter's tape really helps prevent messy glue-ups. 

First time using carving chisel, and I need a lot of improvement. 

And here it is so far. Just needs some finish shaping and sanding, and I think the beak looks a little fat- overall I think it's shaping up to the weirdo, abstract, Northwest native kinda vision I had, with the bare impression of wings enclosing the drawers. 

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