Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years!

So, the sun has set on 2016. 

We made it, man. 2016 is pretty much summed up by Carey's performance. 

There was some good things, though, let's not forget: 

-Tiger population growing for first time in a century
-(USA Specific) Lowest Unemployment
-(Opinion) Hamilton
-(Opinion) Cubs Won. That's just weird.
-Castro died 
-Thawing Cuban-US relations
-Giant Panda no longer endangered
-Ice Bucket challenge led to researchers finding a gene that causes ALS, meaning we're closer to a cure
-In addition to the above, more progress has been made in gene therapy as a whole. 

I'm sure there's others...Just we remember the bad things more vividly, and 2016 had a lot of sad events.

So, here's to a New Year, for all of us. 

And hopefully the sun can shine on all of us. 

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