Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finished Whiskey Cabinet

Finally got around to making a scrub plane. Hell, this would've made my life easier if I made it at the start of this project. 

Decided to hold the back in place with pins and a lil bit of glue. Time will tell if pressure fit and four pins gives the back room to expand, or if it'll just fall out. 

In most light, the old reclaimed Eastern white pine I used for the back looks yellow... 

With most of the stuff glued up and doors rough-fitted in, time to patch up where knots blew up on the dovetailing. 

Then time to make the 'hardware' for the door- maple pulls and latches, aligned with pegs to prevent them slipping around during glueup. 

Works nicely! And looks ok, that's good too. 

Not my most proud dovetails, but they hold, and look well, especially with the rounded features.

Overall, the whiskey cabinet looks good in my opinion, but the true test will be if it gets sold.