Friday, July 29, 2016


So off topic here.

There aren't many readers that I know of- although it's pretty awesome viewing the stats and seeing where the readers are coming from. Often Russia? Cool! America is usually in the lead, so is Canada.

I'd like to thank every reader, especially the friends who comment every now and then.

Thank you all, everyone is welcomed under the shade of the Twin Maples.


As a milestone of age is coming soon, I've been looking at my life. It's not amounting to much so far it seems, but hopefully that'll change.

But looking at my kanna blade has helped. Last night I looked at it, really looked at it, while testing my new stone. And I decided it was unacceptable. This is actually much better than what it was before. See those big coarse marks? I took out the 80 grit and ground the curve down until the marks reached every bit of the face. I thought it would then be good.

It can shave and split hairs. But on the surface, it's not a picture perfect, beauty standard bevel. Still, I like this King 8000 stone...

But the belly is still there, and there's one weird facet on the right. 

But I stopped because I looked at the back. You can barely see the front line. It's still there. I will need to learn how to fix that.

As to what this taught me, it taught me my cheap student kanna definitely is a beginners. Partially because the dai is sloppy- I need to work on that- and the blade isn't the best, but mainly because this kanna helps me learn the basics. 

So what did I mean, that this kanna is helping me get my life sorted out? Basically, I'll be 18 and I need to start getting more serious. I've been stagnating and neglecting life. The trip to Colorado helped sort this out as well. 

In my entire life, I've probably started writing about 25 books. The longest one is probably 20 or less pages before I got stuck on a plotline or got bored and abandoned it, or decided the premise wasn't worth pursuing or that I really don't want to write a scifi book anyways, or that it's teenage drivel. Which a lot of it probably was and is. 

It's time to pick up myself and start maintaining things better, find how to make myself a better person. 

To start sorting things out and dust off the passion, throw off the grey blanket that's covered everything and only let the occasional ray pierce through. 

Relight the candle. 

Vacation, where I been?

Instagrammers who follow or check up on my account have probably seen all these pictures already..

Spring baby bunnies...dragged out of their hole by our dog. Luckily they were unhurt

This one escaped and hid underneath a car. Was feisty and jumping around while the rest just napped.

While we were on vacation they grew up and left the house, ended up being four baby buns. The mom comes back every now and then and looks at the hole, then leaves. 

 Someday it seems this blog is a travel blog...

 Lookout Mtn

 Somewhere shooting in North Colorado

 Big Mountain I can't remember the name of

 Near Spirit Lake

 Turquoises Lake campgrounds

3D printing...It's really cool, and sometimes I'm looking at buying one...Then I go "where would I put it, and what would I do with it? Don't I need money for other things?" and stop. 

Some nice artwork at the Denver Art Gallery...really digged the idea behind the emotion cubes.

and the raised bed is doing wonderful! 

Also got a new sharpening dual stone. Works well. These things cut fast, but are hard to keep flat... I lost my flattening tile in the house rehab, so I use the back of the big orange stone- checked and made sure it's flat, then put the sandpaper on that and flattened the white side.