Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Big Softie (Tooth Profile)


Never leave an instrument on the floor! Must be a freshman. 

So, been sharpening a big old saw, with some of the largest softwood teeth I've seen. A lot of rust. 

This came out absurdly blurry..

But anyways, here's what confuses me. Look how thin the teeth are. So a gap that size should be two teeth snapped off...yet there's no valley in the middle. I'm presuming that is where the bottom of the teeth was originally, but frequent sharpening brought it farther down. 

Trying to figure out the best way to get pictures of the teeth... 

Can you see my inconsistent file holding? 

Shameful. Almost as shameful as leaving an instrument on the floor. 

I need more files, I also need to make a taller vise that brings the saw closer to my eyes and so my back isn't hunched over constantly. Oh and to work on my 'skill'. Give me a year or two...Hopefully I have that much, cone dystrophy is progressing again. It's annoying trying to get accommodations for tests, all I'm asking is for a dark room, with how the board is acting it's like I asked them for the answers. 

I'm trying to use the rust as a reference to whether my angle is correct or not...that works ok until I find teeth with deep rust. 

A lot of work needed to be done after this. Got more done, but my camera was too stuffed to take more pictures. 

And so starts the unleash of the posts.