Friday, January 8, 2016

Late Night Thoughts on Tensioning

So, I was thinking awhile ago, and have decided to risk it and post my thoughts.

Saws are tensioned so they perform better by being straighter. 

But, how does this tensioning work?


First, we have a regular piece of paper.

Secondly, wave it through the air. It flops around like a fish trying to swim through air. 

Thirdly: We fold the piece of paper along these four lines...

Four: And the paper is straight as it's waved through the air!

Fifth: The more folds we add to the paper, the straighter the paper is, while getting stiffer and stiffer. 

Perhaps the same can be said for saw blanks. 

I was talking to my  brother Mike, after having to spend two hours trying to get rid of a chip in my blade, which has also become slightly rounded; he showed me some bench grinders from Harbor Freight.

I told him about the hand-held grinder, and he simply replied, "We live in 2016, we have electricity now, we can spend less time working." Yes, we do. And I desperately need more time- six or seven hours of sleep is considered extra sleep now. But...

Lately, with all that China has been doing...It sickens me more and more to consider sending money to China. There are many many innocent people who would benefit from the added income, and I hope they do- we're seeing China is going through the Industrial revolution Europe and America went through so long ago, only with nukes and technology- however, surely the Chinese government would also get some of this money. And the Chinese government lately has been warmongering and behaving like villains out of an environmental cartoon. 

Why is it always the innocent majority who suffer? Why are humans installed with a need to follow, no matter what the consequences are? 

The children, the families, all injured and hurt through war and destruction; the countless species and oceanic beauty destroyed by greedy men who wish to 'conquer' a region for possible fossil fuels. Reefs pulled apart by fishermen's boats, so they can get at the gentle giants and butcher them, and then a crew comes in and piles dirt on the reefs until a new base of terror is constructed.

Yet at the same time, China is starting to become 'nicer', allowing just a tad, a micron, of more political criticism. 

Truly the world is not Black and White, no matter what we try to impart on it. There's no distinct lamination line, no knots we can pop out of the board. 

Everyone's a hypocrite, and I am no different. 

But we can change ourselves bit by bit, and heal ourselves and our brothers and sisters- and surely, we're all brothers and sisters in this chaotic family- through love, honesty, and dedication.

And so, from looking at a couple pictures online, I started designing a hand-cranked bench grinder. Drawing with Pilot varsity fountain pens is reaaaal nice, I'll tell ya that. Much easier to get straight lines. 

The proportions are a bit off, I would appreciate any photos of the interior gears if anyone has them.

on the bright side, I finally got these nice new clip ons for my glasses, make me look like a rock star!

Non-polarized, ruby lenses, so I can see the computers at school much easier. Also give me the added benefit of less pain, less migraines. Life's a bit more joyous. 

Plus everything is pink, adds a bit of novelty!