Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Intro

This seemed like a good idea.

Time will be the judge of whether or not it is.

Well, let me explain why this blog exists. I'm a teenage woodworker who also dabbles in metalworking. I will be writing in this blog about what I'm making, how I'm making it, what I used to make it, and all the assortment of adventures I get myself into. This blog will have a focus on miscellaneous woodworking, saws, tool-making, and hopefully luthiery. 

Now, as to how I got started in this journey, it was about two years ago when I had a desire for a long board, but didn't want to spring a lot of money on it. Built a deck, it broke, then did research and made an actual deck that I'm stilling riding around today. I realized, I was actually enjoying making a board: Turning a sheet of plywood into a sanded and finished shape, turning the remains of a tree into something that almost lives, breathing in and out with each kick, flying above the pavement with grace. 

I soon learned how to sand better, and then after a year, what a hand plane was. And then, chisels. Then, a Japanese hand saw. My first chisels, my first sharp hand saw, and a hand plane pretty much changed everything I knew about woodworking. No longer was it all about thousand dollar sanding behemoths. It was about geometrical planes intersecting and bevels slicing fibers.